The primary mission of Roots Lacrosse is to develop individual players and teams to their fullest potential. Our program distinguishes itself in three ways:

The Most Elite Coaches

game 1-55-MWe have a small group of coaches all of whom have played or are playing at the highest levels of the game. Because our coaching staff is so small and highly qualified, all of our classes and lessons are lead by true experts in lacrosse. We focus primarily on the quality of our coaching, we do not take on any clients that we cannot provide the absolute highest level of instruction that fits their goals.

Focus on Development

We measure our success solely by the development of our players. Most of the available lacrosse programs or clubs focus on showcasing players rather than development. That is not where we fit in the lacrosse landscape, we believe more than any other sport lacrosse rewards hard work, proper technique and an understanding of the game. We combine field training with whiteboard/classroom based training that provide the understanding and mastery of the techniques, strategies and skills unique to lacrosse.

Work With, Not Against, Town Youth and High School Programs

We do not offer our own summer travel teams because we believe it creates a conflict with our clients. All of us grew up in the area playing for town youth programs and travel teams and we believe in keeping those intact. Instead, we supplement youth programs and High School programs to help their players and teams reach their highest potential in lacrosse. For our town and High School clients, we listen to what the heads of these programs want to focus on for their players and we implement those concepts into our unique training.



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Individual Skill Development


game 1-6-M

Our coaches are all highly accomplished players as well as experienced coaches.  All instructors are able to quickly identify player strengths and weaknesses to structure lessons around what would benefit players the most.  Unparalleled in efficiency, our Individual Skill Development lessons are most optimal for perfecting technique and developing individual aspects of the game.  Finish the session with a clear understanding on what needs to be worked on to achieve full potential.

Pricing: $90 for initial player and $20 per additional player (3 player max, then group development rates apply)


Group Skill Development


game 1-6-M

Players are able to benefit from high quantities of personal instruction while still getting the benefits of developing and refining skills against peers in live competitive situations. Constantly tweaking drills, we train all our players to have diverse skillsets to take advantage of different playing styles that will become useful in games.

Pricing: $40 per person


Team Development


game 1-6-M

Players and teams are able to experience how collegiate and professional practices are run.  Packed with energy and efficient niche and full field drills, teams are able to develop a variety of offensive sets, iron out slide packages, refine “special team” aspects of the game such as riding and clearing and develop chemistry.  Our coaches are able to work directly with head coaches upon request to compose a training plan to work on what he/she wants to be achieved during our training sessions.

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